In-Shop Computer Services

Basic Services

Covers basic inspection of a system and running performance evaluation tools.
( Diagnostic fee applies toward any repairs )

Memory Upgrade Installation and Testing
We will install memory you provide, or we’ll help you purchase a compatible upgrade kit.

Advanced Services

Extensive Diagnostics
For in-depth troubleshooting and investigation to identify complex problems.
( Diagnostic fee applies toward any repairs )

System Accessory Installation
Install CD-ROM/DVD drives, sound cards, video cards, or other peripherals.  Includes driver installation.

Hard Drive Installation
Replace your current hard drive with an upgraded model, or add a second hard drive for more storage.  Includes data migration and any necessary partitioning.

Expert Services

System Tune-Up and Malware Removal
Our most popular service!  We’ll clean out any traces of viruses or malware, however long it takes, for one flat rate.  We will also tune up your system, making it feel brand-new again!

New PC Setup
Install updates, remove unwanted software, installation of free software such as Firefox, a free personal Antivirus system, LibreOffice, and 7zip; creation of extra user accounts, and more
( Includes transferring data from old PC’s hard drive* )

System Restore
This service requires an intact recovery partition or original installation media; includes backing up and restoring data prior to system re-installation.  However, we may still be able to assist if you are missing those requirements!

Ask Us About:

  • iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy Screen repairs
  • Specialty Training Sessions
  • Anything!

*Certain limitations apply. Ask us for details.